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Earth Is Doomed! 3D Asteroids

1 usd

** ON SALE NOW FOR JUST $1! **How long will the planet survive under your watch? The solar system is destabilizing, and Earth is the last planet remaining. Its the year 2210, and 100 years ago, the Sun underwent a catastrophic change, collapsing into a tiny dwarf star, a signal that its end is nearing. Asteroids are everywhere now and threatening our existence, how long can you protect civilization before the inevitable happens?
Features -
× Full 360° Gyroscopic Look-around × HUGE environment × Planet rotation/revolution × Planetary gravity simulation × Awesome explosions × 3D Sound × Endless gameplay × Google Play Games integration × and much more to come
Up Next -
× Optimized asteroid models. Current asteroid models (in large quantities) are too good for Mobile.
Coming Soon -
× UI improvements × Missiles × Bigger Asteroids × Much more to come
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